Another One In The Can

Happy Hanukkah, Kids! It’s been almost 365 days since we’ve met like this and I think we can all agree that the very fact we’re all here again is enough of a Christmas miracle to fill even Colossus’ freak-foot of a stocking.

But maybe we’re all being a little too harsh towards 2020, eh? Despite the pandemic and the authoritarianism and the civil unrest and the murder hornets and — good Lord! — the freaking Saved By The Bell reunion, it really wasn’t all bad. I mean, ‘Mudge learned how to be a veterinary assistant and wrote a motherfucking soap opera! Not too shabby for a guy who spends most of his time doing bong hits and watching iCarly marathons. (Did that meet your obligatory ass-kissing standards, ‘Mudge? Oh, and he also practically begged me to plug his new blog called TV Gumbo, but since I’m still waiting on more royalty checks from this plagiarizing, copyright-infringing douche canoe than I could possibly count, he can suck my mutant ass.)

Forgive my rudeness. I’m just making my annual appearance here at Notes From the Avalon to wish all of my wonderful friends the world over a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Festivus, Ecstatic Hufflefuff and a New Year that’s infinitely kinder than the shit show through which we’re currently suffering.

Bottoms up!