Fuck You (for Jake)

jake court

Poor Jake.  So blinded by unrequited love that he can’t even see the intrinsic ghastliness of his heart’s desire.  This song by Canadian band The Headstones seems like the perfect antidote for all that ails you, Jake.  Take it to heart, Brother:


6 thoughts on “Fuck You (for Jake)

    1. Glad you caught that line, because it prompted me to look up the complete lyrics and realize that the next line, “And you’re quick to steal a kiss”, will become incredibly relevant in the next episode when Jake’s last ditch effort to seduce this moron is to do just that.

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    1. Great alliteration! Sarah Douglas is the one who changed her last name to Nakatsuka. She has a website and she seems to be one of those self-proclaimed “spiritual healers” now. Looks like she still has hair, but they can do wonders with wigs these days.

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