13 thoughts on “Dreamline

    1. Your nephew has exquisite taste. Rush were so good that it boggles the mind. Not only do I feel they’re Canada’s greatest rock band, but probably the greatest rock band period. However, calling Fifteen Canada’s greatest TV show was something I had to do with my tongue stuck firmly in my cheek. Everyone knows SCTV holds that distinction.

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    1. Agreed! Honorable mention: Voivod; Skinny Puppy; Leonard Cohen; Neil Young; The Headstones; D.O.A.; The Dayglo Abortions; Kim Mitchell; The New Pornographers; Grimes; Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet. I know — I’m a dork, but a very musical one.

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      1. I notice neither of us mentioned Arcade Fire. That was sorta intentional on my part. I really dug their first few albums, but now they’ve become an arrogant parody of themselves. So I’ll count them among the Canadian acts of which I’m a closeted fan — along with Anne Murray and Gordon Lightfoot.

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