Happy Birthday, Curmudgeon!  You’re fifty years old today.  How does one properly celebrate such an important milestone in the illustrious lifetime of a sexy young thing like you?  Well, first of all, I will continue to tolerate your flagrant copyright infringements withoot unleashing the unmitigated fury of my overpaid legal team upon your pop-cultural appropriating ass.  But more importantly, after reading the first few chapters of your reunion story, I’ve decided that not only will I appear in the series, I intend to bankroll the entire production and even let you crash at my pad in Vancouver while it’s filming!

Holy shit, you’re a dumbass.  See you in court.



12 thoughts on “Fifty!

  1. Happy Birthday, Paul! That’s a biggee, and the day before I could say “Slainte Birthday,” instead. Fuck it, I’ll say it, anyway: “Slainte Birthday, Paul!”

    And, for good measure, I’ll add something positive and uplifting:

    “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”

    Well, I meant it as positive and uplifting. Take it any way ya can. 😉

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    1. Thanks, Tom! And since the range of my possible lifespan from this point on extends from 30 seconds to another fifty years (gasp!), I will treat this first day of the rest of my life as if it were the last day of the first of my life. I don’t know what the hell that meant.

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  2. Happy HAPPY belated!!! Considering all that’s going on, it can only go up from here. Hope you are able to celebrate in some way and are stuck with people you like. 😉 Have a safe quarantine and keep creating!!! Robyn Ross🥰 (Brooke Morgan)

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