That’s A Wrap

brooke and kelly

If there’s one thing I’ve learned aboot the modern animal we call “the blogger”, it’s that most of them never know when to shut the hell up.

Illustrative of this point: Notes From The Avalon came to its official conclusion a few days ago with the final post of the reunion story (and for those who thought Requiem was the final post, you ain’t done until you’ve sat through the credits, like any good discriminating viewer). And yet, here I am again, blabbing away. See what I mean?

So what comes next? Well, for one thing, I’m just going to keep on paying my annual URL fees to ensure that NFTA lives on for the betterment of future generations. As far as my next writing venture is concerned, I haven’t a clue what (or when) it shall be, nor do I particularly care at the moment. But whatever it is, I’m certain it will have a WordPress destination of its own and I’ll make sure to get the word oot whenever that comes to fruition.

The real reason I’m choosing to tie NFTA up in a nice little bow with this gratuitous epilogue is that I noticed something kind of interesting within a Ryan Reynolds promotional video on YouTube this morning. While researching various cast members throughoot NFTA’s run, I got the distinct impression that Mr. Reynolds isn’t very keen on reminiscing aboot the very show that enabled him to break into show biz. Why did I have this impression? Well, because he just doesn’t talk aboot it. Ever. Until today, albeit with great subtlety. Normally, I would post the whole video here, since Ryan’s stuff is always hysterical, but this one was just a little promo for some company or another, so it contained fewer jokes than most. Just take a close look at this screen shot of Ryan’s PC desktop, especially where my artistically-rendered arrow is pointing:

ryan desktop

Yup. Right there in the upper right hand corner for all to see is an icon named ‘Best of’.

And if it’s good enough for Deadpool, it’s sure as shit good enough for you. Now stop reading this nonsense and go watch Fifteen. That’s an order.

It’s truly humbling how kind and supportive of this silly little venture of mine you’ve all been. With that in mind, I have just one more favor to ask: please take that kindness and spread it around. A lot of people could really use it right now.

Happy trails.


13 thoughts on “That’s A Wrap

  1. No, that desktop doesn’t look staged at all…

    Inspire2 = Oscar?
    Last Will Treasure Hunt?
    Books to say I’ve read?

    I wonder if he came up with all that?

    Between Fifteen and VanWilder — anything? (Anything worthwhile?)

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    1. Absolutely staged, which makes it even more significant that he had it there…some of the other funny shit is kind of hard to see in the screenshot. Between 15 and Van Wilder: 2 Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place (among other, probably Canadian things I’ve never heard of).

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      1. Ha! I kinda gotta admit: I have a very similar trajectory with Mr. Reynolds. Would you believe that starting this blog is what prompted me to finally watch Deadpool for the first time? Yep. I was aware of some really famous guy named Ryan Reynolds, of course, but his connection to Fifteen was a relatively recent revelation for me.

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      2. I actually enjoyed him as Green Lantern (yeah, I’m the one who did) but still couldn’t remember his fairly-simple name for the life of me. I always wanted to call him “Josh” or something.

        Now I have the tattoo so it’s easy.

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  2. Hey there, Is there a way to see all of this in not this format? Or all together in one place? I would love to forward it on to John Binkley the creator of the show of you were interested. He has been dealing with some family health issues at the moment, but I’m sure he’d get a kick out of reading it when he got some time. It’s sooooo cool you did this and it would be my honor to one day portray Brooke again albeit with more nuance this time round. (Thank god I’ve grown as an actress and human being since then. lol) Anyway, congratulations on sticking to your guns and seeing this thing through. Stay safe and well. Your fan, Robyn Ross (Brooke Morgan)

    Sent from my SmartyPants phone!


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    1. I would be absolutely honored to have John Binkley read my homage to his show. Thank you so much, Robyn! I do have the story in a Word document without any of the pictures or post titles that I can forward to you. Later today, I’ll send a copy out to the email you used to follow the blog. Will that work? I really can’t tell you how much it means to me that you enjoyed it so much. And it goes without saying that if this were an actual production, you reprising the role of Brooke would be the most integral part of the whole series.

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  3. Tried watching this video on you tube but didn’t show it-Oh well, You deserve an “Oscar”, even if only an “Oscar Meyer Wiener”-LOL!

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  4. Reynolds & Jackman are back in the “news” with burying the hatchet. Hugh’s comment to Blake about commiserating with her was classic. Sequestered with Ryan must be torture…

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