A Word From Deadpool


Hey, Kids.

All good things must come to an end. Nearly a year and a half has elapsed since Notes From The Avalon’s glorious inception and honestly, there’s not much more that can be said aboot the phenomenon that is Fifteen.


Wrong, Suckahs! Stay tuned for an upcoming interview with the lovely, talented and inimitable Robyn Ross to be posted on NFTA within the next few weeks! Yep. That’s how frigging cool she is.

So that’s exciting. But it will also be the last post on this page…except for the temporary one that will follow it announcing a brand new blog page whose subject matter is as yet TBD. But whatever topic I ultimately choose, it will be funny, because I have lost interest in anything and everything that’s not funny.

But of course, everything’s funny, isn’t it? How’s that for spoiling a spoiler?

It’s been 564 days since I’ve had a job and I look like a hippie because I don’t see the point in going to the barber under these circumstances. But I can still make an N65 respirator mask look sexy as fuck, and that’s really all that matters.


14 thoughts on “A Word From Deadpool

    1. I’m afraid my time as a slacker is running low but I’m gonna try to scrimp and save and hold out until November 3 before seriously restarting the job search. If all goes well and as the pundits predict, I hope to be a veterinary assistant in Albuquerque. If Putin is victorious once again, I will be a non-functional drunk in Albuquerque. Either way, I won’t have to shell oot for a U-Haul.

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    1. Oh, Starlost will be revisted, I promise. The first episode was so fun to summarize, but since there’s only one season, it may just have to be an occasional recurring thing on the page until I cover all 12 episodes.

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      1. Hey, when I finally get around to creating the new page and I re-post the Starlost episode 1 summary, would you be willing to do a little guest-writing about your impressions of the show to append to the end of the post? I think that would be fun and would give it even better context to those unfamiliar with the show.

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  1. You definitely should pursue a professional writing career (if you don’t already) You are soooo good!


    Sent from my SmartyPants phone!


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  2. What a cool lady to circle on the wafting odors rising from Albuquerque, drift down to land and peck at the bones of one wise and withered soul such as yours, Mudge.

    Will you be taking questions from the audience? No? Well, fuck you!

    1) Did Canada contribute in anyway to the vibe of Fifteen and if so, how? (Regardless of where it was filmed.)
    2) Who was your favorite/least favorite cast member?
    3) Is there a scene you recall that wakes you up at night, sweating and gulping for breath?
    4) In your opinion, are child actors predisposed to aberrant behavior?
    5) How much hankypanky went on behind the scenes?

    Oh, and one more, do you have a nickname that has stuck (or one you wish had stuck)…?

    Mudge, make sure you cross post over on you know where… For some reason the following has like, doubled in the last six months?

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    1. Yeah, she’s unbelievably cool. But sorry, Mole, my list of questions has already been submitted to Ms. Ross. Of course, #5 on your list was included — kind of a given, right? Thanks for the heads-up about cross-posting, but I think I’ll start taking you up on such offers once I get the new blog off the ground since it will be far less of a “niche” thing than this.

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