You Heard It Here First

Apparently, the celebrity story du jour is the “revelation” that Ryan Reynolds and Melissa Joan Hart were once romantically involved:

For those of you who have been following NFTA, you will realize that we broke this bit of celebrity gossip right here back in July of 2020 (Thanks, Robyn!).

My point? Notes From the Avalon is years ahead of TMZ, NBC, Huffington Post, Entertainment Weekly, et al, when it comes to keeping you informed, therefore I recommend you make it your go-to source for cutting edge reporting.

I count this as a personal victory, which might tell you a little something about how pathetically little I have ever accomplished.

4 thoughts on “You Heard It Here First

  1. “…about how pathetically little I have ever accomplished.” In the end, we all accomplish nothing. So don’t feel bad. I stopped feeling bad a while ago. But your writing is entertaining so keep it coming if you can get out of bed.

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  2. I swear I hadn’t even seen this yesterday, the 27th, when I thought to msg you through gmail… Really.

    Was Melissa a witch with a black cat with an attitude or something?
    She didn’t age as well as Ryan I’d say. Still.

    What other tidbits do you have buried in NFTA?

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