Intermission (Go For A Soda)

I am aware that up to this point, I’ve been woefully stingy with the visual aids in this little Fifteen overview.  So while Nickelodeon rakes in some more cash from its sponsors, let’s remedy that situation.

First and foremost, behold the season 1 opening credits featuring the glorious theme music composed by Matt Ender:

Now the season 1 cast:

Pink Denim Dork
matt call
“Hello, Alcoholics Anonymous?”
Dreaming of a 3-way with Matt & Courtney
theresa waah
What do you mean Garanimals are for toddlers?
kelly iago
Do NOT fuck with Kelly
brooke eyes
That Garanimals-wearing freak is my sister?!
The Sexiest Man Alive
At least I outlived Luke Perry
cindy and olaf
When A Hippie Loves A Doofus

We’ll be returning to our regularly scheduled program shortly.  In the meantime, why not grab yerself a carbonated beverage and dig on some classic rock straight from America’s Hat:

11 thoughts on “Intermission (Go For A Soda)

  1. Looks like Bill Nighy in Love Actually. “Love is all around.. Fuck! I did it again. Sorry, sorry, mate. I’ll get it right this time…” Shit eatin’ grin: “Christ-my-ass is all around us…”

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    1. Hey! I was hoping you’d show up here and though I was initially disappointed that you weren’t acquainted with Fifteen (“Hillside” in yer neck o’ the woods), you quickly made up for all of that with the Kim Mitchell fandom. Rest assured, I will check out Starlost!

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  2. I hate to admit this in public, but since I’m so far behind on reading I’m pretty sure you’ll be the only one to notice.

    Here goes:

    The opening credits and pictures are making me actually care about these kids.

    Now that you’ve got me hooked (and what a brilliant and evil way to go about it) I’ll move on to episode three fully caught up in Dylan-mania. Let’s proceed!

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    1. Yes, you get it! That’s the whole thing about this show — every single thing about it is horrible. The acting, sets, music, direction, props, production — it just doesn’t get any worse than this. And yet, my excitement upon hearing the opening strains of the glorious theme music is genuine. It defies description.

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