Fifteen Minutes of Fame


A Fifteen autograph signing event!  This must have occurred during season 2, since Deadpool still looks like a little kid and Arseman, who we don’t meet until the second season, is present.  Visible from L to R: Ryan Reynolds (hilariously identified as ‘Billy’ on his ID placard), Corky Martin, Todd Talbot, Sarah Douglass, Arseman Yohannes, and probably Laura Harris and Robyn Ross obscured at the far end of the table.  Note the woman looking utterly starstruck by Corky Martin while completely ignoring the future Sexiest Man Alive.

7 thoughts on “Fifteen Minutes of Fame

  1. And she was damn right in being starstruck by Fabian/Dylan. He has gone on to star in countless Lifetime movies including the series based on those sleazy VC Andrews novels from the 1980s. Does Deadpool have that to count among his achievements? No. You’re not a true star until you’re a regular on the Lifetime Movie Network. Suck on that, Blake Lively’s husband.

    Side note: I disappeared off the face of the earth for a while but I’m baaaack. I was forced to work to have money for Internet access. Can you believe I had to shell out my Benjamins to pay for food and iced coffee also? Fucking dumb! Every thing should be free.

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      1. You have no idea how much I can relate to what you’re saying. An enormous number of people in the world are unintelligent. Spending time on trivial interactions with them is draining so I do my best to avoid contact whenever possible. I’m typically a hermit, but I have to pay off student loans for my college degrees of which I have no practical use. So, peon work for the time being. 😒

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      2. I could deal with the unintelligent if they weren’t so proudly ignorant and keen to make others suffer for their own insecurities. For years, I worked processing mortgages – boring job, but a great boss and work environment, so it balanced out. But when that office finally closed, I decided I didn’t want to do that kind of work anymore. To that end, I recently completed an online veterinary assistant course, but nobody’s hiring at the moment. Embrace your inner hermit — in these times of Covid lockdowns, our aversion to social distractions makes us virtual superheroes.


      3. Congratulations on finishing your course! That is fabulous! 😁 💚 How long did the course take? Was the coursework difficult? At one point, I wanted to do be a vet assistant also but a tendency to become overly attached to animals and having an blinding hatred for cruelty towards innocent creatures made such a job an impossibility. I’m too sensitive and can’t remain objective when animals are concerned. Yet somehow I’m a wiz at social work, dealing with human issues without a single glitch. For the record, when I become Doc McStuffins, you will be the first assistant I’ll hire!
        I am glad I found your blog and have had the opportunity to talk with you. You seem like my kind of person. 👍

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  2. It took about 6 months — not too difficult, but a lot of memorization of biological terms, diseases, etc. And yeah — animal cruelty is inexcusable, but if I do break into this field, I’m going to make sure that whatever clinic or shelter I work for is a very compassionate one. Social work, eh? That’s a very vital thing, as opposed to, say, processing mortgages. Kudos to you! And I’m equally glad you found my blog. Feel free to blab at me through the Contact page if you ever feel compelled to discuss the excruciating minutiae of life in a format other than blog comments.


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