We’re Back!

deadpool heart

Because we love you.  Also, because after dipping his toes back into the waters of “philosophical” writing, Curmudgeon found it to be uncomfortably cold; not to mention, he made the impetuous decision to re-submerge himself in the pool of amateur metaphysics a mere 20 minutes after he’d eaten a green chile burrito.  I tried to warn him, but I guess we all have to make our own mistakes. So withoot further ado, let’s sashay our fine little asses back to Hillside and catch up on what we’ve missed!



10 thoughts on “We’re Back!

    1. Followed. Thanks for the recommendation! Also, your last post was eerie in its parallels to how I’ve lately been feeling aboot life in general. (sorry aboot the “aboot” in that last sentence, but this is Notes From the Avalon, after all. Where do you think you are, Schizoid Anthropology?)

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    1. Hey,Tom! All you missed was a 3 to 4 day bad decision on my part to take down all of the Fifteen content and start another drag of a philosophy-heavy blog called Schizoid Anthropology. It did, however, serve to remind me why I decided to convert my blog into a monomaniacal celebration of a 90s teen soap in the first place. Incidentally, your comments are going to spam again — had to retrieve this one manually.

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      1. Curse the fates! 👊

        Maybe it’s time I, too, erased TBT again and started over with something called “Tom, Not Spam,” only I use whatever accent over the “a” in “spam” to make it sound like an “o”. 😁

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