Boxing Day Eve: Recognizing Recognition


Happy Boxing Day Eve, Hillside Fans!  First-rate blogger and long-time Avalon denizen Tom of has chosen me, among others, to be an honored recipient of a non-existent award aptly entitled The Blogger Recognition Award, necessitating this temporary, set-to-self-destruct post recognizing Tom’s humbling recognition of the web’s indisputable premier destination.

Apparently, we’re to tell our blogging origin story as part of this online acceptance speech, so I’ll keep mine as succinct as possible.  Notes From The Avalon was not my first blog, but it is the only one worth mentioning since it is the only one still in existence.  Earlier this year, while wasting time on YouTube for the better part of an afternoon, it became apparent that the “Information Superhighway” contains precious little information aboot the greatest television program that ever aired.  “Somebody should do something aboot this,” thought I, and thus Notes From The Avalon was born.  If you were hoping for something a bit more detailed regarding my relationship with Fifteen, I elucidated much of that in this post from back in June, along with the only picture of my ugly mug to appear on this page: Breaking The Band.

Thank you, Tom!  And to all of my friends north and south of the border: I wish you all a blessed and joyous Boxing Day and a prosperous 2020.


24 thoughts on “Boxing Day Eve: Recognizing Recognition

      1. Been great so far, to be real! Just danced with the boys to “Feed the World” by Band-Aid (Do They Know It’s Christmas?) and Mrs C has the bird a’bakin’. I’ve already walked across the street with beers in hand to my new neighbors’ house (twice). I’ve also walked back with beers.

        I may be 7 or 8 beers in by now.

        Hope your having a good day, my friend!

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      2. Excellent! My holiday was very pleasant, but you are indirectly responsible for the best part of it all: my post in response to your blog award elicited a direct comment from the incredibly awesome Robyn Ross (a/k/a Brooke). It doesn’t get any cooler than that.

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  1. Still have the long hair?😂. I might dispute your choice if the greatest tv show ever, but you are entitled to your opinion. . .flawed as it may be. What? Thought you’d get a pass? Happy holidays from the US to CA🥰

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  2. Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, a joyous Kwanzaa and anything else “Fifteen” fans are celebrating this time of year. Thank you for your support and loyalty. We love and appreciate you.
    Robyn Ross

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    1. Wow. Robyn, you are the best! Though I’m sure I’ll be receiving the requisite holiday gifts later today, nothing will top your kind words as the ultimate Christmas present. Thank you so much for bringing Brooke to life (not to mention Mrs. Klump — who knew Midge had a mom?) Wishing you and yours a beautiful holiday season!

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  3. Alright, alright, enough of this congregational flagellation celebration. We need to start thinking up new, unsolvable social ills we can propose impossible solutions to. Okay, after New Years, then.

    March? The Ides? I happen to celebrate my annual loop aboot ol’ Sol during that month too, 25th.

    Curse you TomBeingTom! Now I’m gonna have to dream up some cockamamie story about why I spend waste so much time trying to be word-clever on this, the bane of my existence, wordpress.

    Mudge, I sense a road-trip in your future, North to explore what may remain of the old haunts of those Fifteen failures still bumming about the ancient set. What’s this? Filmed in three separate cities? Well, I hear Orlando is nice this time of year…

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    1. You are correct, but there’s a risk involved in such a trip. I predict that the next time I get my ass over the Canadian border, I will do whatever it takes to make sure it’s a permanent stay and that I never have to return to Trumplandia.

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    1. Same to you, Suzanne! Depending on the results of the next election here in the States, I might very well find myself doing everything in my power to situate myself permanently on the northern/saner side of the border. I think I’d make a pretty good refugee.

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