Listen Up!


Yeah, I know. Everything sucks ass to such a ludicrous degree that to elucidate it further would be a horribly tedious endeavor. But while a retarded racist demagogue continues to preside over my plague-stricken nation, I’ve been temporarily shielding my eyes and letting my laptop collect dust while I chill with my dog and await November with a sort of tired resignation.

Like I said…I know.

So what, you may ask, inspired this unlikely post in the midst of such a self-imposed online vow of silence? Well, it was brought to my attention today that Seasons 1 – 3 of Fifteen are now available on Amazon Prime! That’s right, Hillside fans, all the seasons that matter of the greatest TV show of all-time have finally resumed their rightful place in the cultural pantheon.

Go. Watch it. Now. Here’s that handy link again: Fifteen!


8 thoughts on “Listen Up!

  1. A plague of cordyceps infected rats upon you, Mudge.

    Maybe the sock puppet version of Fifty needs to be reevaluated – but as ZOMBIE SOCK PUPPETS…
    Or the cast of Fifteen brought back as awkward teenage zombies — I’d watch that. Zombie High.

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  2. I think it’s lame how much of the world got to stay home during the early pandemic era and watch corny Canadian teen dramas while I had to work overtime because some bureaucrat decided home appliances were “essential” to the operation of a home. I had my reading (“Avalon”) and my viewing (“Fifteen”) all mapped out congruously but was denied and sent to the white goods mines instead.

    Someday my ship will come.

    In the meantime, I’ll pop in when afforded a moment to see what my favorites are up to out in the blogosphere and occasionally even put 600 or so of my own words out there. And, probably, I’ll respond in some of the comment sections discursively until y’all roll your eyes at my loquaciousness.

    This will all change in November, my friend, when we can spend our time hating on Biden instead. I promise.

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    1. Your fate throughoot this pandemic may be lame and patently unfair, but at least you’ve retained the ability and wherewithal to, you know…go to work. That’s something I haven’t done in 1 1/2 years and counting and I’m not sure I’m capable of such basic responsibility anymore. But again, a reminder to fret not — Avalon will still be here long after President Baby Monster leaves office. And your occasional 600 word check-ins on TBT continue to inspire me greatly.

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