An E-mail From Deadpool

pc deadpool

About a month ago, in a rare burst of optimism, I e-mailed Ryan Reynolds at the address he uses for his Aviation Gin company with a link to Notes From The Avalon and a pathetic plea that he visit my blog page.  Naturally, I received a hilarious but impersonal auto-reply, meaning that I am no closer to getting Mr. Reynolds’ attention now than I was before the attempted contact.  This morning, I got an e-mail from containing a forwarded exchange between Ryan and the head of Aviation’s advertising department, culminating in a link to his latest piece of self-promotional genius.  Thus, whether he realizes it or not (not), Ryan Reynolds has officially contributed to Notes From The Avalon and though it’s not nearly as exciting as if he had commented directly on one of my posts, I’m still pleased as punch to present it here.  Enjoy and remember to always drink responsibly lest you find yourself locked up in some hospital place with Matt.  Cheers.

15 thoughts on “An E-mail From Deadpool

  1. I recall this girl in college in Colorado. Her name was Anna and she was a ballet dancer and giggled incessantly when we had sex. We’d walk together to class fairly often and we had this fun game we’d play. She’d say a word and I’d have to come up with an associated word somewhat along the same theme as the previous words, but skipping forward a few concepts. The trick was to keep it just within reach, but far enough away to make it fun to figure out the connection.
    and so and so forth.
    The reason I mention this is that I wonder if a non-sequitor blog exchange might have an audience.

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    1. Of course he made it just for me — it was in my inbox, right? Incidentally, that was a really exciting day for e-mails because I also heard from a Nigerian princess who’s going to leave me an inheritance of millions after I arrange for her to travel to the States by depositing a few grand into her bank account. Now that’s an investment opportunity of a lifetime!

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