Hey, Kids!  Since we’ve arrived at the halfway point of our reunion story, I thought it might be a good time to take a breather, stretch our legs, wash our hands 50 to 100 times and take stock of where we’re at.

*Spoiler Alert*  I know Chris was a pretty consistent thorn in my teenage side, but Jesus, Curmudgeon!  A fucking shank to the throat?  So much for subtlety, eh, Wordsworth?

Also, I couldn’t help but notice that you actually managed to plagiarize my fucking personality.  At least the inevitable rash of civil cases filed against you for this creative usurpation will establish some interesting legal precedents.  Whatever gets you in the history books, I say.

And now for the silver lining of that fucker of a microorganism called COVID-19.  It hasn’t escaped my attention that the programming choices on both network and cable TV have suddenly expanded in response to half the world living as shut-ins.  It’s the least they could do, really, but still a welcome diversion.  Last night, as I was responsibly self-quarantining, I noticed that Nick At Nite aired the pilot episode of Clarissa Explains It All, circa 1991.  Clarissa and Fifteen ran concurrently on Nickelodeon, which means we’re getting closer to a long-awaited return to syndication of the Greatest TV Show Of All Time!  You know what to do, Kids.  Let’s kick that letter writing campaign into full gear: Nick At Nite, 1515 Broadway, 44th Floor, New York, NY 10036.

We’ll be back with the second half of Fifty in two shakes on a urinal cake but for now, enjoy this little ditty from The Venue’s first big performer, Vancouver’s own New Pornographers:

9 thoughts on “Halftime

  1. I am woefully behind as the sudden onslaught of viral epidemic has shuttered most in and EXPANDED my work schedule. I am now, gleefully (sarcastically), at Appliances Direct EVERY SECOND that bitch is open. Two delivery drivers and one salesman (2/3 of the previous crew and 1/2 of the other) have decided that an appliance gig isn’t worth their lives (their exaggeration, not mine) and I bid them adieu.

    On top of that, this week, I have been preparing my shelter for a walk-through appraiser, to cut my little slice of heaven from a 5.38 rate to 3.5. In these times, money saved is money earned.

    (I guess it always is 🤷)

    Did I mention that the appraiser, an older very professional and dry gentleman, was not only unafraid to enter into my abode during an international lockdown, he also proceeded to touch everything in the house he could get his hands on. I’m assuming this fella watches nothing of the news variety or, worse, is a Hannity fan.

    At any rate, this is the longest way possible to tell you, again, I am woefully behind but soon to catch up!

    A shank to the throat?! Good grief, brother … can’t wait to read more of THAT one!

    (stay safe, healthy, ornery, and irreverent, eh?)

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    1. Whew! Keep up the good fight, Tom, and don’t worry about falling behind here — unlike most of my other blogging endeavors, this one will never get the axe, so you literally have the rest of your life to catch up.

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  2. Half way huh? You measuring it by the words spoken x 3 for scene setting and in-your-end-OH!

    Jerry’s got the most to lose, but also the most revenge creds (I’m guessin’). He gonna Bloody Valentine the lot after they all congregate in his / THE place?

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    1. Measuring it by 4 episodes in the can, 4 to go. Words spoken will increase significantly after I finish up the blog presentation and start on the script, as will things like stage direction in the place of descriptive prose. I think Janice has a bit more revenge cred than Jerry, but that’s why I decided to have them work together towards some vengeful end that I haven’t yet decided upon. And…happy belated by 3 days birthday, yes?

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  3. You are absolutely right – we need more content, lots more, to get us through this pandemic. The New Pornographers will help fill a bit of that void. Thanks for the link!

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    1. They’ve been heavy in my listening rotation recently, not just because they’re amazingly talented, but because even when they’re singing about dark topics, they sound so incredibly happy and sunny.


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